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Korpikuusikon Hunaja is a piece of Finnish nature at its finest. The honey is collected from the purest nectars on earth and is packed in the most sustainable way. For honey bees, the arctic nature of Finland offers 2 months of harvesting and 10 months of surviving. Like our bees, we work persistently to preserve our only nature and stand tall against the plastification of mother earth.


The handcrafted honey is award-winning, 100% Finnish and quality certified by the Finnish Beekeepers Association.

Korpikuusikon Hunaja is an ideal business gift which main values for the recipient are high-end quality, diverse environment and material choices.

Each gift box consists of 500g of honey. The veneer covered gift box can be personalized by unique logo or story branding.

Honey will keep it’s quality for several years while kept in room temperature which makes the product practical item to store.

Honey, design & packaging – made in Finland


You can contact us from “Yhteys” menu.        +358 045 220 5005      Kaupinkulmantie 165 Jokioinen